Will you give quantity discounts?

We will give discounts based on availability of product and flexibility of the artisans and suppliers. Periodically, special discounts will be offered.

How does my product help a poor person?

Your purchase helps people in a dignified, sustainable way unlike many programs of compassion and charity – good as they are.  Business Connect brings solutions to the poor in ways that are sustainable, profitable, and life-changing.  The Sawyer Water Filter uses very sophisticated technology in a simple format that can take contaminated water and make it safe and clean.

Can I become a marketer for your products?

We would love to talk to you. Please contact us.


How many filters have been distributed?

Currently, over 200,000 in over 60 countries.

How long have these filters been available?

Since 2011

What is the market target?

We are seeking the commercial, the NGO (Non-governmental Organization), and would love to see these filters used as a micro-business.